hobo -> Occupy Bangor! [Usenet Post]

The title says it all — I’ve taken up with the Occupy Bangor crowd these past two weeks.

It’s a peculiar thing. I could be in a heated shelter with a lot of drunks, or “roughing it” with protestors.

I don’t follow the news, but from what I get, the portrayals are all wrong. The movement, in Bangor, at least, is run by various middle-Americans, who have access to the substantial work, and staffed largely by homeless guys, who are out in the tents.

That’s not a disqualification, in my estimation. The economy really is bad, producing lots of high-functioning homeless folks. But the interesting thing is that the organizers — the non-leaders — tend to refuse to allocate white-collar, meaningful organizational work to homeless guys. Refuse out of hand.

Meanwhile, they make unilateral decisions about camp life without consulting the campers. For example, they just moved the food tent across the park. The new location cannot safely be supplied with electrical power, so now no hot food, no coffee. The people who did this do not live in camp.

Anyway, I’m blogging about it. I’ve got a backlog of stories, so there’s some lag:



ps – I’m for the movement. In my thinking, it’s a mistake to consider the system to be a thing out there on Wall Street. The system is inside each of us, and we need to fight it on that basis.



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