A Worried Citizen

Rather than fight an enemy tribe directly, primitive peoples know it’s a good trick to work them into war with another enemy tribe.  Two tribes fight over nonsense, and the third gets a free ride and a free show. The U.S. has in the past shamefully been accused of providing weapons to both nations in certain military conflicts: same trick.  The third tribe benefits from engineering war between the first two.

Recent event in Portland, OR.

Occupy Bangor got a few calls of “support” that really sewed suspicion and distrust between them and city officials. When the city began to enforce its park ordinances, finally, after cutting them remarkable slack — Occupy Bangor asked people to call the city to support them.

Occupy got a few calls to them, saying: “I just called a city councilman and asked his true motives for shutting you down. I asked if he’d received any big donations lately. And his answer seemed fishy to me.”

Clearly this has put suspicion in the minds of Occupy.  A third tribe couldn’t have done better.

The real motive for the city taking steps against Occupy’s canopies is that Occupy does not have a permit. Occupy does not have a permit because Occupy has not applied for one.

Occupy has not applied for a permit because they got free legal advice claiming that, if they applied for an EVENT permit, they would lose their first amendment rights as an ASSEMBLY. They have been told to hold out for an ASSEMBLY permit.

An ASSEMBLY permit does not exist.

To me, something here seems fishy.  This free legal advice has created a situation where Occupy Bangor and the City of Bangor cannot parlay.  A third tribe couldn’t have done better.

I therefore, as a citizen, ask the city council to issue a statement that an assembly does not lose its legal status as an assembly if it applies for an event permit, and I ask Occupy Bangor to apply for and accept a standard event permit on this basis, with its rights as an assembly neither enlarged nor reduced.

Finally, in the spirit of Christian brotherhood, I ask we all receive information that might make us feel suspicious — with suspicion. Who knows what people from a third tribe have been telling city officials about Occupy.

America is sick. It must be healed. Let’s not ourselves fall prey to the disease before we find a cure.


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