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I have to say, the city has been very reasonable toward us.  The Parks guy, Tracey Willette, has, and the city council has.  Cops have on their rounds.
But I also have to say, I think we’ve been pretty reasonable toward the city.  Not filing a permit is something that can be done by anyone doing something in a park.  To have a wedding in a park, you can go without a permit.  Cops won’t bust it up.
The permit just allows you to certain benefits, which Occupy has, in my understanding, gone without.  A benefit to permitting is that, for example, you make sure someone else isn’t having a wedding at the same time.
Whether Occupy NEEDS a permit for the way it’s currently using park property is not at all clear.  In my view, we SHOULD HAVE a permit — it’d make things legally tidier, tie up some loose ends — but look:
One of the things that came out of the meeting is that it really isn’t clear which park department rules and policies we might be breaking, or should be governed by, because those policies weren’t written with something like an occupation in mind, and they don’t clearly apply to us.
I left the meeting thinking that the city council is deeply committed to the bill of rights, and for that I’m grateful.  The lethal question is, is the city council committed ENOUGH, and is the city itself committed ENOUGH, to reconsider whether giving Bangor citizens real legal freedom is worth stepping outside the normal comfort zone, in the form of actually allowing substantial 24-hour peaceful political protest.

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