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We’re not about free handouts. That’s exactly what we DON’T want.

We want WORK. We want JOBS. We want an economic and social system where a man can work and feed his family.

But what we have now is NOT that. What we have is an utterly corrupt system where the power elite garner ALL resouces and decision-making to themselves.

This began because the millionaires who run this country made the bad business decision to funnel bailout money into the pockets of the super-wealthy, instead of using it to ensure credit to the man on the street and escape an economic death spiral.

These bad decisions hurt their own companies and damaged the economy. We lost jobs, we lost housing. And for this they got paid million dollar BONUSES. That’s on top of their million dollar salaries. And because they’re holding the economy hostage, Uncle Sam seems to believe there’s no alternative but to keep bailing them out.

We need soldiers. But let’s look at what they do.

You, soldier, commit violence for money when Uncle Sam tells you to. For this you are paid, as you say, moderately well. And you earn that by going through hardships and risk of bodily harm. You do it to protect American civil order.

In contrast, we have Uncle Sam commit violence against us for exercising our right to free speech. We risk bodily harm, we go through hardships, in order to protect American civil order, and we do it not for pay, but on the contrary we pay for it. We pay dearly.

So, yes: you got the better deal. Undoubtedly, as you say, your job has greater material rewards.


2 comments on “Reply to Soldier [facebook]

  1. Aaron Kulkis says:

    I agree with the identification of the root problem. However, the means of that root inflicting itself as a problem on our society is too MUCH government power — if it were not for the federal government taking more and more $ out of the pockets of the citizens, to be then stuffed into the pockets of those who have gained the favor of the politicians, THIS WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING.

    Think about it — *IF* the Congres had neither the money nor the willingness to grant huge financial favors … then they would have been running MUCH TIGHTER operations… and at the same would have fought for the repeal of the Community Reinvestment Act, rather than going along to get along with the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac repackaging scam (which continues to this very day)..

    What the OWS people seem to be demanding … MORE GOVERNMENT POWER is PRECISELY what brought us to this situation in the first place. How are our economic problems to be solved by giving even MORE power to 535 assholes in Congress who have, for over 30 years, demonstrated ZERO accountability to anyone who isn’t showering these legislators with gifts, graft, and bribes?

  2. Conrad Cook says:

    I don’t know that we are demanding the government seize more power. I’m pretty ambivalent about that.

    I’m for government regulation of business and I’m for unions, as a kind of check-and-balance to corporate control of our nation. But wanting a law passed is not the same as wanting to expand government power.

    For example, the one thing Occupiers and 99%ers — two different groups; Occupiers encamp — seem broadly to agree on is that we should end Corporate personhood, with regard to the right to free speech. You know the argument for that, so I won’t get into it here.

    Now that’s an example of a law being passed that does not expand governmental power, and that begins to reverse the trend turning our one-man-one-vote democracy into a one-billionaire-one-congressmen plutocracy.

    I do happen to be liberal, at least in regard to many issues, but there are a number of Occupiers and 99%ers here in Bangor who are veterans, who are conservatives, and so on. There are hippies here, but there are also bikers, punk rockers, shy middle Americans who have put down their f’ing video game console to see what’s going on in the town square, and so on.

    Therefore I really do my best not to allow my personal bias in favor of liberal policies to color too much my presentation of the Occupy movement.

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