Open Letter to the City Council – re: bust of Occupy

Gentlemen and Ladies of the City Council,

Regarding the recent police action against Occupy, I thought I would direct to you some public comments I have made recently on BDN’s public BBoard.

I think I do not exceed my authority as the Encampment Legal point person in saying that, while we all consider this police action to be very unfortunate, we nevertheless remain guardedly optimistic about working with the city to find a mutually satisfactory solution within the existing legal code.

I look forward to tomorrow’s workshop.


Oh, we’re not done yet.

We have the Federal court case between Occupy Augusta and that august city, a decision which may have implications for the occupation here in Bangor, and we have the City Council Workshop here at Bangor Town Hall (3rd floor) Tuesday — tomorrow! — at 6pm.

That workshop will shape Bangor City policy toward us.  It is perfectly possible, shown in an independent reading of the city law, within the existing legal structure, for the City of Bangor to allow us to occupy Peirce Park.  It just seems they don’t want to.  Or are very reluctant to.
But we have asked for the legal written permission, and as I understand, although the City and the Parks administrations have declined to grant that, they did on the basis that the City Council is now involved in the question.

Meantime, what I *said* about the police action in the dismantling of Occupy was, “Nicest bust of an Occupy group I’ve ever heard of.”  I guess you can’t say things like that in the newspaper.
On the other hand, they *did* bust us.


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