Occupy Xmas: the video (script)

A short video explaining Occupy.

THE SCENE:  An upscale, middle-American kitchen.  The remains of a big baking project lie piled in and around the sink.

There are THREE GINGERBREAD HOUSES on the countertop, each with a GINGERBREAD COUPLE out front.  One couple is clearly Caucasian — a man and a woman — one clearly African-American, and one two men.


Three to five SMALL CHILDREN.  Each child is dressed as a bank, somehow, with the appropriate logo worn prominently.

A WORKING CORPORATE MOM, who somehow balances the demands of motherhood with a successful carreer.  She is at first partially dressed up in her costume, then leaves and returns, fully in the role of “Aunt Sam” (a female Uncle Sam).

THE GUY BEHIND THE CAMERA, who we hear but never see.  Male gaze.

OPENING SHOT of normal pandemonium in the kitchen, of the kind you’d get with a bunch of kids milling around.

GUY BEHIND CAMERA:  So explain to me what we’re doing here.

CORPORATE MOM:  Getting ready.

GUY:  No, for the camera.  What’s the project?

MOM:  Oh — Well with Christmas coming and everyone still being so angry and bitter about the poor banks, who are just trying to survive in hard economic times like anyone else, I thought this year we’d have the kids put on a little skit representing America!

So every kid is a bank.  This is Bank of America, this is Chase bank [and so on].  When we get to Grandma’s and the cousins are all together —

GUY:  Wait, who are you?

MOM:  I’m Uncle Sam.

GUY:  Aunt Sam, clearly.

MOM:  Aunt Sam, fine.  At Grandma’s–

GUY:  Who am I?

MOM:  [gives him a look]  You’re the media.  At —

GUY:  I see roleplaying possibilities.

MOM:  At Grandma’s, we’ll have a little skit where I’ll bring out the gingerbread houses one by one and give them to the banks.  The banks will then present the houses to the American people.

[She demonstrates, putting the houses on the kitchen table.  She describes each house with its couples to the camera.]

MOM:  Delicious houses presented to the American people by banks working together with Uncle Sam!

GUY:  Aunt Sam.

MOM:  It’s a kind of modern American nativity scene.  Now we are totally running late and I have to get ready.

MOM:  [pats a bank on the head]  Be good.


In silence, the KIDS go to the drawers and get out forks and knives.

The kids fall on the three gingerbread houses and devour them utterly.  Show the beginning, middle and end, to emphasise rapidity.

CORPORATE MOM RETUNS, dressed as Aunt Sam.

MOM:  What happened?

GUY BEHIND CAMERA:  The kids ate the gingerbread houses.

MOM:  Why didn’t you do anything?

GUY:  You’re the one who put them there!  What did you think they’d do?

The CORPORATE MOM looks around.




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