Machine Translation Fail (and how to install a link to Google Translate on your WordPress.Com blog)

The Great Buddha statue, Kōtoku Temple, to translate this post

The news here is that I’m looking to use Google Translate to allow non-English speakers to read my other blog.  That blog is about spirituality.  To test it, I tried translating a page into Chinese and back.

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“Batman Is Just A Rich Cop” says someone on the internet

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I know people who are blind can’t read these things, so what it says is:

Batman Massacre was a staged Psyop (if you don’t know, the claim being made is that this was a “psychological operation” — a technique of warfare developed by the U.S. military and being used by organized crime, which hires highly trained ex-military and ex-CIA, and is taking over the U.S. government. — Well, most people don’t know how to become a hit man.)

  • Shooter kicks in steel reinforced exit door of movie theatre; impossible:  doors only open inwards.
  • Shooter, dressed as Bain, the movie’s villain, dressed head-to-toe in body armor and wearing a gas mask, tosses in a few canisters of tear gas.
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“KILL THE BAD GUYS” — Badman Killer is Not a Lone Wolf

The Batman Killer, who murdered a lot of people in Aurora, CO movie theater during a showing of the latest Batman movie, has been described by police as a “Lone Wolf.”

At least 14 people were killed and 50 wounded during an early Friday morning screening of the new Batman movie at the theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Cell phone video taken outside the doors of the theater complex showed panicked moviegoers calling out for help or searching for friends.

One man can be seen walking out with assistance, the back of his shirt covered in blood. A woman examines her body, as if checking for wounds. …

One scene stuck in [a witness’s] head — a police officer carrying a little girl in his arms. The girl wasn’t moving.  (source:

NOTE TO POLICE:  Do not encourage murderous psychopaths by providing them with a cool media image, like “Lone Wolf.”

Although in some sense it could be understood that lone wolves are wolf losers.  They’re the wolves that the pack beats up and ostracizes.  The ones who have no place in the pack.  Humans are very much pack animals.

Anthropologists study apes sometimes, to get insight into human nature.  There have been many remarkable discoveries.  Chimps engage in a kind of gang war.  They have been known to murder one another.

In one reported story, a monkey was ostracized from the group.  This means the other males ran him out.  The researcher witnessed him hanging around the area.  One by one, he killed the other males as they left the group to forage.  Then he moved into the harem he had conquered. Continue reading