“Batman Is Just A Rich Cop” says someone on the internet

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I know people who are blind can’t read these things, so what it says is:

Batman Massacre was a staged Psyop (if you don’t know, the claim being made is that this was a “psychological operation” — a technique of warfare developed by the U.S. military and being used by organized crime, which hires highly trained ex-military and ex-CIA, and is taking over the U.S. government. — Well, most people don’t know how to become a hit man.)

  • Shooter kicks in steel reinforced exit door of movie theatre; impossible:  doors only open inwards.
  • Shooter, dressed as Bain, the movie’s villain, dressed head-to-toe in body armor and wearing a gas mask, tosses in a few canisters of tear gas.
  • Initial reports of shooter having one or more accomplices now changed to “lone gunman.”
  • 71 people are hit — even assuming 100% accuracy, one man would have to change weapons and / or switch magazines several times to achieve this.
  • Incident happened in Aurora, Colorado — a suburb of Denver, which has the strictest “gun control” laws in the entire State:  movie theatre was apparently a “gun free zone.”
  • Incident happens just as government is trying to lift a gun ban ???

Frank Miller’s Badman was better, because he was an existential hero who wouldn’t use guns.  He was a lot like Rorschach.  That’s a better hero than the Badman we’ve got–

One guy on the internet said, “Batman’s just a rich cop.”  But really it’s worse.  Bad man is a 1%er who dresses in a costume so he can pretend to be a cop and kill people.

–Which actually describes how organized crime does things.  By impersonating (or bribing) police.  If they get caught, it is easily covered up.

Does that mean this was a psyops operation by organized crime so confident in its control of the police that it wants its citizenship unarmed?  — Probably the killer just used duck tape to prevent the door from closing and came back when he had suited up.

On the other hand, it is reported that the U.S. army has used techniques of psychological warfare against U.S. Senators.  This isn’t their PR department.  It’s heavy duty stuff.

One news anchor covering it said that “These techniques are not supposed to be used against U.S. citizens.”  When the story came back around, the wording was changed.  Now the anchor said, the techniques “are not supposed to be used against U.S. Senators.”

And I thought, “Hahaha — That’s not funny.”

It has been claimed psyops are being used to dismantle Occupy groups — not used by the police, but by organized crime, who uses the police.  This link is an mp3 that explains how psyops are done.


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