“Batman Is Just A Rich Cop” says someone on the internet

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I know people who are blind can’t read these things, so what it says is:

Batman Massacre was a staged Psyop (if you don’t know, the claim being made is that this was a “psychological operation” — a technique of warfare developed by the U.S. military and being used by organized crime, which hires highly trained ex-military and ex-CIA, and is taking over the U.S. government. — Well, most people don’t know how to become a hit man.)

  • Shooter kicks in steel reinforced exit door of movie theatre; impossible:  doors only open inwards.
  • Shooter, dressed as Bain, the movie’s villain, dressed head-to-toe in body armor and wearing a gas mask, tosses in a few canisters of tear gas.
  • Initial reports of shooter having one or more accomplices now changed to “lone gunman.” Continue reading

Secret Service Agents Hire HOOKERS??

Can someone explain this to me? “I am shocked and appalled at discovering secret service agents HIRE HOOKERS.” (Never spoken: “…for politicians.”)

Why will the news never say the Emperor has no clothes?

Then, on The Diane Rehm Show, the big question is: “Could cops and military men hire hookers too??”

Since when is the American public a 1850s school marm?

Is the culture of force that we find in police and military men that unspeakable?

Easter Conversation w/ the Boys (a couple Easters ago)

One Easter, I was having breakfast with a small crowd of guys in a restaurant.  The only thing we had in common was that we all liked girls.  The youngest one of us, who was very good at getting girls, had explained this alone hadn’t made him happier.  He had, in the past, nevertheless been suicidal.

He and his friend overwhelmed the conversation, talking about people who weren’t there and no one else knew.  I told them a few times to talk about something else, but they kept coming back around to people nobody knew.

“If you don’t like it then you talk about something,” they told me.

“All right,” I said. “This is Easter.  Easter is the anniversary of what event?”

“The crucifixion,” the youngest one of us said.

“Right.  And do you know what happened to Christ after he died?”

I don’t know.  He went to heaven?”

“No, he didn’t.  He went to hell.  He spent three days in hell, and then he came back to check in with his followers.”


“You know what he did in hell?” Continue reading

Hoboing Around (sticky)

Conrad Cook is a hobo all around the U.S.  This is my “serious” blog, which gets considerably less attention than OneWetSneaker, my science fiction and text game blog.

There are advantages and disadvantages to living on the ground.  Hoboing around is what I’m doing for the foreseeable future.  It’s really not a bad way to live.  I suggest people try it.

HOBO TIP – Most modern camping equipment is useless

HOBO TIP: Cold night sleeping with a soaked sleeping back and a tarp: turn the setup inside-out. The tarp will keep most of the moisture off you. Anything dry — coats, etc — between you and the tarp.

In general, most modern camping equipment is useless. It’s for middle Americans to spend a weekend of nice weather outside.  Middle Americans don’t camp out if the weather’s bad, and of course when the weather is good you really need nothing.  A blanket and bug repellent will do.

Same goes for warm clothes, too.  Warm clothes these days are not like they were when I was a kid — just as furniture has gotten cheap, warm clothing these days is flimsy and not insulating.  I talked to one lady who would only buy warm clothes in Canada.  (conspiracy theory:  Shoddy winter clothing being foisted on the public to minimize resistance to Global Warming.)

ATM kiosks are ideal places to spend a night during weather, but there is the little problem of police being very protective of them.