Overall Strategy

The question of future vision and focus is, of course, linked to our
overall strategy.

In my opinion, it’s a mistake to get involved in local issues.  The
reason is that you’ll either be successful or unsuccessful.

If you’re unsuccessful, you’ve wasted your efforts.

If you’re successful, you’ve pissed off local moneyed interests.  Then
they’ll pay someone to join your protest and throw a Molotov cocktail
into a crowd, or something.  The cops will be coached on how to handle

Don’t think this kind of thing doesn’t happen.  We’re very lucky in
Bangor to have good, honest, reasonable police.  These guys really
believe in law and order and really, in my estimation, want to protect
the public.

But it would still be very easy for someone with just a little money
and power.  They’d just see to it that the cops start getting tips
that you’ve turned radical.  Then they’ll be sure to treat you

On the other hand, success in local matters will not address the
reason you’re here.  Defeating the land fill thing may be a good
cause, but it will not heal the economy, cause jobs, raise wages, or
prevent people’s houses from being taken.

Honestly, I believe you really could accomplish something.  But you’re
very weak right now.  There are few of you, you’re disorganized,
undisciplined, and unfocused.  You could be crushed very easily.

I’m late in updating my blog.  I only get an hour a day of computer
time.  The link is [https://conradcook.wordpress.com].  Some of you are
already viewing it.  It’s just meant to be honest and factual.  I
really want Occupy Bangor to succeed.


ps – suggestion:  invite the 1% to a meeting to discuss your differences.


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