HOBO TIP – Most modern camping equipment is useless

HOBO TIP: Cold night sleeping with a soaked sleeping back and a tarp: turn the setup inside-out. The tarp will keep most of the moisture off you. Anything dry — coats, etc — between you and the tarp.

In general, most modern camping equipment is useless. It’s for middle Americans to spend a weekend of nice weather outside.  Middle Americans don’t camp out if the weather’s bad, and of course when the weather is good you really need nothing.  A blanket and bug repellent will do.

Same goes for warm clothes, too.  Warm clothes these days are not like they were when I was a kid — just as furniture has gotten cheap, warm clothing these days is flimsy and not insulating.  I talked to one lady who would only buy warm clothes in Canada.  (conspiracy theory:  Shoddy winter clothing being foisted on the public to minimize resistance to Global Warming.)

ATM kiosks are ideal places to spend a night during weather, but there is the little problem of police being very protective of them.