“Batman Is Just A Rich Cop” says someone on the internet

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I know people who are blind can’t read these things, so what it says is:

Batman Massacre was a staged Psyop (if you don’t know, the claim being made is that this was a “psychological operation” — a technique of warfare developed by the U.S. military and being used by organized crime, which hires highly trained ex-military and ex-CIA, and is taking over the U.S. government. — Well, most people don’t know how to become a hit man.)

  • Shooter kicks in steel reinforced exit door of movie theatre; impossible:  doors only open inwards.
  • Shooter, dressed as Bain, the movie’s villain, dressed head-to-toe in body armor and wearing a gas mask, tosses in a few canisters of tear gas.
  • Initial reports of shooter having one or more accomplices now changed to “lone gunman.” Continue reading