Easter Conversation w/ the Boys (a couple Easters ago)

One Easter, I was having breakfast with a small crowd of guys in a restaurant.  The only thing we had in common was that we all liked girls.  The youngest one of us, who was very good at getting girls, had explained this alone hadn’t made him happier.  He had, in the past, nevertheless been suicidal.

He and his friend overwhelmed the conversation, talking about people who weren’t there and no one else knew.  I told them a few times to talk about something else, but they kept coming back around to people nobody knew.

“If you don’t like it then you talk about something,” they told me.

“All right,” I said. “This is Easter.  Easter is the anniversary of what event?”

“The crucifixion,” the youngest one of us said.

“Right.  And do you know what happened to Christ after he died?”

I don’t know.  He went to heaven?”

“No, he didn’t.  He went to hell.  He spent three days in hell, and then he came back to check in with his followers.”


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Erotic Cheating (notebook entry)

She responded to his love-making with a bored kind of awe, an honest and spontaneous emotion secretly calculated, he knew, to satisfy and enrage him.  It was only at that moment when he felt her completely beyond his reach, when the emptiness of her face reached doll-like authenticity, as her gasps and Gods and Oh, daddies transcended their ordinary rote quality to attain a flat, mechanical passion, when he knew she felt he brought her great pleasure, not for any reason having to do with her, but simply to prove that he could, that his member was able to return, via its brief hidden moment of triumph, to its regular inert state.

He began to dress quickly.  “No,” she protested, holding her arms out to him:  “cuddle.”

“You know I only have twenty minutes before I fall asleep,” he told her.  “I have to drive home.”

“Yes, before your wife gets home,” she muttered.  “No, don’t show me her picture again — why do you always want to show me her picture afterwards?”

“Do I?” he asked, putting his wallet back into his pants pocket and snatching up his keys.

“Turn the light out,” she called — but either she spoke too late, or he pretended not to hear her as he walked out the door.

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