Getting Everything on the Wish-List

Purpose:  The wish list of local activist causes expressing group desires for political and legal changes is not manageable.  Yet, it does express our desires.  How can we get everything on that list?

The Problem:  We do not have the resources to pursue every item on our wish-list.  Even to pursue the one or two most desired would spread our resources very thin.  On the other hand, we need a mission.

Analysis:  The source of the problem is that every item on the wish-list is a symptom of the disease.  Treating the symptom will not heal us as a society.  We must therefore realistically assess our situation and go after the source.

Ultimately, it is not our job to handle everything on the wish-list.  We can’t.  It is our job to get the population of Maine and Bangor to handle them.

Point:  Every item on the wish-list has (I think) an established, well-run organization already working on it.  For us to take all of these things on duplicates effort and wastes precious manpower.

The question then is, How can we leverage Occupy Bangor into promoting those organizations that are already handling these issues?

Suggestions:  We can bring the people to the organizations and the organizations to the people.

We can actively sort our members and supporters by wish-list item, and put people in contact with the activist organizations that address their strongest concerns.

We can sponsor and promote educational events, where an activist tells all about a particular issue.

Then, we can follow this immediately with a “Tell Your Story” period — stories may or may not be about the activist’s topic — and follow this in turn with a rally, with cheering, a fire, drumming, and so on.  In this spirit, we can make a call to action on the activist’s behalf.

The advantages of this approach are non-competition with existing activist organizations, non-duplication of effort, and using the one thing we are really doing well — being conspicuous — to further our wish-list.  Meantime, we can consider how best to attack the cause of these various symptoms.


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